Candidate Profile & Development

The important first step in the recruitment process involves the development of a comprehensive recruitment brochure with a profile of the ideal candidate, including the required qualifications, professional experience, personal characteristics, and other factors related to success in the position.

The recruitment brochure will also have a profile of your community and organization. To prepare the recruitment brochure, the Lead Consultant will come on site to meet with your leadership team to discuss the required background and experiences for the new executive. We will also request organizational charts, budgetary information, operational reports, and other documentation describing the community, organization, current issues, and responsibilities of the position. The draft recruitment brochure will be presented to you for review and final approval/edits prior to its publication and distribution to prospective candidates.

In order to conduct an open recruitment and to encourage applications from a diverse pool of candidates, WCG will work with you to develop an advertising and marketing strategy to notify potential candidates about the vacancy. WCG will provide you with the advertisements and an advertising schedule to place the ads in appropriate professional publications, websites and local print media as approved by you. Draft advertisements will be submitted to your organization for approval prior to publication. WCG has a highly-accessed website,, and targeted e-mail ( We will use all available resources to communicate directly with prospective candidates. The aggressive advertising and marketing campaign for top talent will include national, state, regional, and local elements as determined during our initial meetings with your organization. Our presence at appropriate public sector conferences will be used to further promote the position.

An effective advertising strategy will help to ensure that we conduct an open recruitment with appeal to a diverse array of candidates. WCG will take all necessary steps to protect against discrimination in the screening and selection process.

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