Candidate Background Investigation

Candidate Background Check

Once you approve the group of Finalists for on-site interviews, WCG will begin the process to conduct reference checks, background checks and academic verifications.

Contact is then made with selected references and sometimes with others who may know of additional accomplishments and work experiences of the candidates. The purpose of the reference interviews is to allow WCG to complete our understanding of the work experience, professional performance and personal characteristics of the Finalists.

For the background checks, WCG will develop information about the candidates in the following areas:

  • Consumer Credit
  • Bankruptcy
  • County Criminal
  • State District Superior Court Criminal
  • County Civil Litigation
  • State District Superior Court Civil Litigation
  • Judgment/Tax Lien
  • Federal District Criminal
  • Motor Vehicle
  • Federal District Civil Litigation

To ensure that our quality standards are maintained, we do require a minimum of ten business days between the time that you select the Finalists for on-site interviews and when we send you candidate documentation for your final interview process.

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