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While the traditional executive recruitment model excels at identifying and qualifying candidates based on “hard-facts” such as educational background, professional achievements and occupational skills, it doesn’t assess candidates’ “soft-skills” and often fails to predict how they perform under pressure, deal with complex situations, manage staff, engage with others, etc. – in short their “EQ*”. However, In today’s interactive world it is increasingly those “soft-skills” that determine the success of a new hire. Especially in the case of key executive staff it is essential that their leadership style and personality profile “fit” the specific culture of your organization.

Wouldn’t it be great of you could measure exactly those “soft skills” and recognize a candidate’s full capabilities ahead of placing them into an actual position?


CareerNavigator™ was developed by a team of industrial psychologists and is based on the Waters Consulting Group’s more than 35 years of experience and research, working with candidates and organizations in the public and private sectors. CareerNavigator™ offers the unparalleled ability to match a candidate’s leadership characteristics and management styles with your organization’s unique cultural “personality”, resulting in a better long-term fit between candidates and your organization.



The CareerNavigator™ competency model measures candidate’s soft-skills across seventeen distinct management characteristics – such as Visioning, Problem Solving, Decisive Judgment, Championing Change, Planning and Organizing, etc. The resulting clear and concise measurements offer an easy way to understand and compare candidates’ unique personality profile and leadership styles.


Your Selection Committee, with our support, identifies selects and ranks critical personality traits and leadership styles, arriving at a set of key criteria you believe are essential for the success of a candidate in your organization. These criteria then become part of our recruitment brief, against which we search your candidates.


In addition to matching traditional skills, we then match these values resulting in a resulting in a better long-term fit between candidates and your organization.



is an effective tool that yields practical results with focused suggestions. CareerNavigator™ provides clear and concise, data-driven intelligence to support hiring decisions, employee development and utilization, change management, and organizational effectiveness.

We provide strategic solutions for matching people with organizational roles.

Succession Planning for Organizations

As more and more professionals in local government approach retirement, many organizations face a shortage of qualified candidates and are ill-prepared for the increasingly urgent task of succession planning. In response to this challenge, The Waters Consulting Group offers a powerful tool, Competency Based Behavioral Profile©, a content-validated competency model and personality assessment survey.Click to learn more

Professional Development for Individuals

Advancement and growth is critical toward success and satisfaction in your career, yet the process is competitive and void of any guaranties. Persistence and drive, tempered with periodic reflection and evaluation are keys to such progress. CareerNavigator™ can help with your self-paced professional development program.

Click to learn more

Coaching & Team Building Programs

While all local governments have unique goals and needs for establishing coaching and mentoring programs, The Waters Consulting Group’s approach centers around the development of a competency model using our CareerNavigator™ system. Through this resource, mentors and mentorees have an objective resource from which to start and measure progress that is specifically designed with the public sector in mind.Click to learn more

For more information about Waters & Company and CareerNavigator™ please call 800.899.1669 and ask to speak to one of our senior consultants specializing in CareerNavigator™.

Main Categories:
1. Visioning
2. Problem Solving
3. Decisive Judgment
4. Championing Change
5. Planning and Organizing
6. Driving for Results
7. Continuous Improvement
8. Customer Focus
9. Customer Service

Main Categories (continued.):
10. Resilience
11. Teamwork and Collaboration
12. Coaching and Developing Others
13. Organizational Savvy
14. Relationship Management
15. Negotiation
16. Conflict Management
17. Interpersonal Communication

1. Creativity
2. Analysis
3. Assertiveness
4. Flexibility
5. Order
6. Coping
7. Handling Criticism
8. Team Orientation
9. Mentoring

Sub-Categories (continued):
10. Business Networking
11. Directness
12. Sociability
13. Pace
14. Multi-tasking
15. People Reading
16. Altruism
17. Trust

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