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Based on our more than 35 years of experience in the field, The Waters & Company E-Solutions, A Springsted Company has created a suite of online solutions to help you with your Human Capital needs. Our e-Solutions Suite includes:





At a time when budgets are stretched increasingly thin, and organizations are forced to do more with less, supporting the maintenance of your compensation program with PayDesigner© can provide significant cost- savings.

Calculating and sustaining total compensation cost is a time-consuming process for local governments, as they’re faced with he task of balancing wage & benefit liabilities with the financial resources of the organization.

We developed SurveyNavigator™ with one goal in mind – to assist organizations in obtaining current and accurate salary and benefit data quickly, easily and affordably. Now the data you need to assist in this process is at your fingertips.

CareerNavigator was developed by a team of industrial psychologists and is based on Waters & Company’s more than 25 years of experience and research, working with candidates and organizations in the public and private sectors.

PayDesigner© is an online platform that simplifies compensation administration while increasing efficiency and improving access to critical compensation data. With the system in place, staff gains online access to total workforce compensation information. CompensationNavigator™, a web-based software with support services from the HR professionals at Waters & Company E-Solutions, provides immediate, accurate calculations that can be used during the budget process and during union negotiations. “What-if” analysis displays the financial impact of various offering adaptations. The online source for pay and benefits data and analysis! SurveyNavigator™ helps municipalities and counties, of all sizes, efficiently and effectively obtain reliable salary and benefits information. Survey Navigator is a live, dynamic database that includes comparison data on over 20 distinct job families. CareeerNavigator offers the unparralled ability to match a candidates leadership characteristics and management styles with your organization’s unique cultural “personality”, resulting in a better long-term fit between candidates and your organization.
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