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This is your opportunity to work with the Mayor and City Council to help develop the challenges, priorities, experience, skill sets and management characteristics that will shape the recruitment and selection of the next City Manager.

Please complete the following survey by answering the questions to the best of your knowledge

*What are the most important management and leadership characteristics that the new City Manager should demonstrate? Select up to 6 of the 17 most critical ones. Please refer to the glossary to the right for more information on these 17 characteristics.

*Are you an employee of the City of Charlotte?

List any issues which you feel should be a high priority to your new city manager. Please keep your answers under 25 words.

Please keep your answer brief, not more than 25 words.

GLOSSARY OF TERMS – Characteristics of Your New City Manager

Below please find a glossary of the terms we are referring to in the multiple choice questions to the left.

VISIONINGinfoVISIONINGIdentifying long-term goals and supporting the use of new or different ideas, based on best practices. Visionaries create strategic solutions that can be implemented successfully. They provide a team with direction and inspiration. They think in innovative ways and support this kind of thinking in others. They encourage an organization to constantly improve and grow.
• Thinks in innovative and creative ways
• Sees the whole picture and offers solutions that support an organization’s strategic goals and values
• Creates new ideas/solutions that can be implemented successfully
• Encourages an organization to constantly improve and grow
• Supports innovative thinking in others
IN-DEPTH PROBLEM SOLVING & ANALYSISinfoIN-DEPTH PROBLEM SOLVING & ANALYSISSolving difficult problems carefully and systematically by analyzing information, possible alternatives and consequences. In-depth problem solvers generate good solutions to challenges without overanalyzing situations. They consider many sources of information, thoroughly process it and objectively weigh it against possible courses of action. They carefully consider many courses of action before making a final decision.
• Generates good solutions to challenges
• Does not overanalyze situations
• Considers and objectively evaluates many sources of information
• Evaluates possible courses of action and potential consequences
• Deliberates carefully before making a final decision
DECISIVE JUDGMENTinfoDECISIVE JUDGMENTMaking sound decisions in a timely and confident manner. These people make well-timed decisions with conviction and confidently take actions based on their choices. After carefully considering alternatives and possible consequences, they select a course of action and take full responsibility for their decisions.
• Makes sound decisions
• Makes well-timed decisions
• Decides with conviction and does not second guess choices without compelling new information
• Takes action based on their choices
• Considers alternatives and possible consequences
• Takes personal responsibility for their decisions
CHAMPIONING CHANGEinfoCHAMPIONING CHANGETaking action to effectively support and carry out change efforts. These people anticipate the need for change and willingly and openly accept it. Easily adjusting to new or changing circumstances, they actively lead change through words and actions. They build the support of those affected and take personal responsibility to ensure that change is successfully made.
• Anticipates the need for change
• Accepts change willingly and openly
• Adjusts easily to new or changing circumstances
• Leads change through words and actions
• Assumes personal responsibility to ensure that necessary change is adopted and successfully made
PLANNING & ORGANIZINGinfoPLANNING & ORGANIZINGEffectively planning and organizing work by defining an organization’s objectives, understanding its priorities and anticipating its needs. Planners/organizers efficiently manage their time and the time of others using the best process. They effectively handle multiple projects, demands and competing deadlines. They set realistic goals, develop plans, estimate time frames and monitor progress. They anticipate possible challenges and develop alternative plans.
• Manages time well by using the best process
• Handles multiple projects, demands and competing deadlines
• Sets realistic goals and monitors progress
• Anticipates possible challenges and develops contingency plans
DRIVING FOR RESULTSinfoDRIVING FOR RESULTSChallenging, pushing to excel and achieve. People driven for results set or help set appropriate goals and objectives for themselves and the organization. They do not give up easily and work hard to achieve results. They assume personal responsibility for their success and that of the organization and persist, even when faced with obstacles, to achieve positive outcomes.
• Sets or helps set appropriate goals and objectives
• Exerts personal effort and hard work to achieve results
• Does not give up easily
• Assumes personal responsibility for their success and that of the organization
• Overcomes obstacles to achieve positive outcomes

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENTinfoCONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENTSeeking opportunities to improve current processes, systems and methods to promote reliability, quality and efficiency. Personally dedicated to improving current work processes, these people are disciplined and detail-oriented. They constantly look for ways to improve the quality, efficiency or effectiveness of work processes. They encourage others to do the same to promote continuous improvement. They are willing to change current processes and methods when appropriate.
• Seeks methods to improve the overall quality, efficiency and effectiveness of their own work and the work of their department/organization
• Looks for ways to improve work processes, methods and systems
• Encourages others to make suggestions for improvements
• Demonstrates a willingness to try new methods when appropriate
CUSTOMER FOCUSinfoCUSTOMER FOCUSAnticipating customer needs by designing, promoting or supporting products and services that exceed expectations. These people desire to please customers and anticipate their needs. They value customer feedback, listening to the suggestions of customers and working to understand how they perceive an organization. They work hard to provide a timely response to customer concerns. They push an organization to go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction.
• Desires to please customers
• Anticipates customer needs
• Values customer feedback
• Listens to customer concerns
• Wants to know how customers perceive an organization
• Works hard to meet customer needs in a timely manner
• Pushes an organization to do more than required to promote customer satisfaction
CUSTOMER SERVICEinfoCUSTOMER SERVICERecognizing and understanding customer needs and delivering in a manner that exceeds their expectations. These people desire to please customers and can recognize customer needs. They consistently do more than is required of them to ensure customer satisfaction.
• Gathers information about customer concerns and works to understand their organizational perspectives
• Listens to and values customer needs, suggestions and feedback
• Develops and maintains positive customer relationships
• Works hard to meet customer needs in a timely manner
• Delivers excellent service to all customers
RESILIENCEinfoRESILIENCEEffectively dealing with work-related problems, pressure and stress in a professional and positive way. Resilient people maintain a positive attitude even when faced with frustration, pressure or change. They recover quickly when faced with disappointment, unfulfilled expectations, difficulties or setbacks.
• Maintains a positive attitude about work regardless of stress and frustration
• Behaves in a professional way in spite of circumstances
• Recovers quickly from disappointment, unfulfilled expectations, difficulties or other setbacks
TEAMWORK & COLLABORATIONinfoTEAMWORK & COLLABORATIONSuccessfully working and collaborating with others for a common goal. Team players build and maintain cooperative relationships. They listen to and value the input of others. They take responsibility for finishing tasks in team projects — theirs and others — to reach group goals. Works well with others in formal meetings and informal interactions.
• Builds and maintains cooperative relationships
• Listens to and values the input of others
• Takes responsibility for finishing tasks in team projects — theirs and those of others
• Works well with others in formal and informal settings
COACHING & DEVELOPING OTHERSinfoCOACHING & DEVELOPING OTHERSAdvising, assisting, mentoring and providing feedback to encourage and inspire the development of work-related competencies and long-term career growth in others. These people have valuable knowledge or experience worth sharing as a coach. They provide a sincere interest in the development and success of others and have high expectations for them. They provide honest feedback and guidance to assist others in meeting individual goals and challenges. They are positive, objective and fair. Not overly critical, they consistently grow and advance those around them.
• Possesses valuable knowledge or experience worth sharing • Demonstrates a sincere interest in the development and success of others • Communicates high expectations for others • Provides honest, objective feedback and guidance
ORGANIZATIONAL SAVVYinfoORGANIZATIONAL SAVVYRecognizing and understanding organizational politics and working within organizational dynamics to accomplish objectives. These people understand an organization’s social and political dynamics and build and maintain partnerships and alliances. They understand people’s roles in the organization and effectively work through others to get needed resources and accomplish objectives.
• Understands an organization’s social and political dynamics
• Builds and maintains partnerships and alliances throughout an organization
• Relies on an understanding of cross-functional skills to help meet the needs and objectives of individual groups within an organization as well as those of the organization as a whole
RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENTinfoRELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENTDeveloping and maintaining positive relationships with others outside of individual work groups. These people value relationship across, within and outside an organization. They seek opportunities to build relationships important to an organization. They frequently contact internal or external customers to ensure satisfaction. They consider how their actions or decisions impact other groups or departments and work with them to successfully achieve work goals.
• Values relationships across, within and outside an organization
• Builds and maintains relationships that support organizational goals
• Personalizes work relationships to ensure smooth operations
• Works hard to meet the needs of internal and external customers
• Considers how their decisions impact others
• Works with others to achieve work goals
NEGOTIATIONinfoNEGOTIATIONIdentifying the needs and motives of all parties involved and working toward equally beneficial solutions. Negotiators listen carefully to understand the perspective of others. They also can influence and convince others of their viewpoint. Recognizing the need for all parties to prosper, they seek solutions that are mutually beneficial without too many concessions.
• Listens to understand the perspective of others
• Influences others to see their perspective
• Recognizes that all parties in a negotiation must profit and does not give or take so much that any party cannot prosper from the final agreement
• Reaches solutions that are mutually beneficial
CONFLICT MANAGEMENTinfoCONFLICT MANAGEMENTManaging conflict between people and effectively resolving sensitive issues. These people are objective, fair and diplomatic. They bring issues into the open, work to understand all perspectives and seek common ground. They try to resolve conflicts and disputes quickly before they have a negative impact. They work to find a creative solution that meets everyone’s needs.
• Displays objectivity, fairness and diplomacy
• Brings issues into the open
• Works to understand all perspectives and helps others to perceive issues from a broader view
• Actively tries to resolve conflicts and disputes quickly before they have a negative impact
• Finds creative solutions that best meet everyone’s needs
INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATIONinfoINTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATIONCommunicating clearly and effectively with people inside and outside an organization. These people listen effectively and make sure they understand what others say. They develop rapport with others. They articulate their thoughts and ideas clearly. They present information in a straightforward and logical way to ensure they are understood. The information and knowledge they share improves overall work progress.
• Listens carefully
• Makes sure they understand what others say
• Develops rapport with others
• Articulates thoughts and ideas clearly
• Presents information in a straightforward and logical method
• Makes sure that others understand them
• Shares information and knowledge that improves work progress
Click to view/download the CareerNavigator Glossary of Terms

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